About our Processes

It Happens Many Times Each Week – A Customer
Receives A Frame From one of the shops we supply. But Each Interaction Is Unique.

It’s just a moment in time –
as the customer reaches over the counter to collect their newly framed item. But it’s a connection. We make sure everything we do honours that connection – from our commitment to the quality frames we create to the way your customers are taken through our design process making sure their artwork looks the very best it can for the right price.

From our beginnings we have continually offered the very best we can in framing and on every wall in every home or business throughout the country one of our frames hangs, we are proud to have helped create the best job possible. All About Framing’s IT system ‘FrameIT’ is all about processes and will help you get the best job possible. Doing things in the right order and tracking the job from start to finish. Simple organisation.

It all starts with the

At this point you are the expert and the way you present yourself is very important. It is key that your customer has confidence that their special piece of artwork will be handled correctly and be sympathetically framed. These skills you may already have or alternatively we can teach you in one of our training sessions.

Following consultation the specification details are entered on the FrameIT system and a price for the job is presented to the customer. If the customer is happy to proceed they pay a deposit and are given a order reference number before leaving. At this stage the job is unconfirmed on FrameIT until the job is authorised...

Job authorisation

As soon as the job is authorised it is a live job for manufacturing purposes so it is important that the checking is done very carefully and the measurements are accurate before pressing that ‘magic button’. Full training will be given on how to use the FrameIT system and complete this crucial part of the process. We will also share best practice on artwork storage and handling, which helps reduce damage and mistakes.

What happens next?

This is where the magic happens and we would be foolish to share our production secrets suffice to say you will get the best possible job back. What you get back depends on the package you subscribe to either;

You receive the fully assembled job ready for the customer to hang


You receive the rim, glass, mount and backing ready for you to insert the artwork


Your picture will be framed and send back directly to the customer

How long will it take?

Normally 2-3 days to manufacture the frame but allow another 2-3 days if you are having the full assembly option.These times are Ex works (ready at the factory) delivery times are added to this and can be 3-5 days.

For more technical jobs or frames that need more fabrication or special finishes you will be advised on how long the extra work will take so you can inform your customer of any delays. The good thing is all these added features are on the system so that you have perfect control at any time or wherever you are.

And Finally...

Once the job has been completed and delivered you will place it into storage awaiting collection. The location number is added to the job and you are prompted to contact the customer and tell them it is ready. Each customer interaction is recorded against the customers job to save any confusion of who called who and when.

When the customer returns to the shop you can find their details easily on the system with the frame reference number, their name, post code or phone number. If only a deposit was paid you will see how
much balance is left so finances can be concluded.

Then it’s time for the reveal and time for the
customer to say