Art & Photography Framing

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Art & Photography Framing from £260

Art & Photography Framing

This two day course will get you framing all 2D projects.

Course Overview

Art and Photography Framing Weekend

Immerse yourself in the creativity and skills of picture framing. Our weekend of workshops is ideal for artists, photographers, if you have an interest in creating and making or are looking to learn a new craft.

What previous experience should I have?

The workshop is aimed at complete beginners as well as those who may have tried to frame their own work. It is also suitable for those wanting to become a professional framer as it covers the processes involved to a FATG Level. There is no need for any experience of using hand tools, although those that you do have will be a bonus!

In particular, the course is aimed at people who;

    • have limited or no previous experience of working with hand tools;
    • have some experience of mounting (and framing) pictures, but have no experience of using the preferred / specialized tools available to framers;
    • want to receive support in honing current skills;
    • want to use graphic art as part of home improvement or refurbishment. It is likely that you will be somebody involved in art, photography, and needlecraft or even interested in setting up a home business, either as a hobby or professionally.


You may wish to present or conserve some images you own, in a more professional / dynamic way.

What will the course cover?

 This is a two day course from 10am – 5pm each day.

 The Art & Photography Framing Weekend is Basics of Framing on Saturday and Mount Cutting and Decoration on Sunday.

Class sizes are a maximum of 10 and we will supply each student with tools and materials to work with at their own work station.

The workshop provides a sociable, enjoyable and worthwhile experience whilst still being informative. Our trainers have a wealth of teaching skills and picture framing knowledge, which they are eager to share.

Through clear explanation, demonstration and hands on practice using specialised tools on day 1 you will: plan and cut a mount, attach artwork into the mount system, saw and join moulding, cut glass and backing board, assemble the framing package for hanging and add a finish to the frame.

After completing your frame on day 1, on day 2 we focus on mounts – how to maximize the impact of your images, engaging with the final element of presentation. You will experiment with double, offset corner and combination mounts, mark out and cut a mount with multiple apertures for groups of photos and receive training in deep bevel and spaced mounts.

What do I need to bring with me?

We provide tea and coffee, a certificate of achievement and a full training manual. You need to chose images from home to mount and don’t forget a packed lunch!


For Day 1 your image for framing should be A4 (297x210mm) size, or smaller, picture or photo on paper (not board).


For Day 2 you should bring, to complete your portfolio:

  •  A picture or photo up to A4 size (297x210mm) for the double mount
  •  Three pieces of themed artwork/photos for the multiple mount opening:
  1. Portrait orientation, roughly A4 size
  2. Landscape orientation, roughly A5 size (148mm x 210mm) and
  3. Landscape orientation, roughly A6 size (148mm x 105mm)
  • 3 x roughly 100mm x 160mm images to attach to smaller, demonstration pieces.

    Any Questions regarding the course?

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